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Autism & Health


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Frequently Asked Questions

Autism Health Hub® is an online platform for both parents & professionals providing  information, research and guidance on different aspects of autism. 

Our goal is to support parents and carers of children with autism spectrum disorder. 

Autism Health Hub® is a subscription service for the community that is either £9.95/month or £99/year.

Currently you can watch Autism Health Hub® on a computer in web browser, on an iPhone/iPad, or on an Android phone or tablet.

As long as you have a strong internet connection, Autism Health Hub® is available anywhere.

Yes! You can give Autism Health Hub® as a gift, either £9.95 Monthly or £99 Annually.

When you sign up for Autism Health Hub®, you are agreeing to be billed automatically either Monthly or Annually. Our billing system will collect your payment on approximately the same date each pay period.

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Autism Health Hub is both helpful and highly informative for me and also super easy to access. I will recommend it to my friends who are also parents of autistic children for sure. Thanks.
Roxy W.
From New York, USA
Autism Health Hub has helped me understand a lot about my child and given me  great deal of hope and support. Each piece of content is short and straightforward, so it’s easy to go through. We are really grateful for it.
Corey B.
From Sydney, Australia
Autism Health Hub has really helped our family through some difficult times. It has got lots of information we didn’t even know we needed. Definitely worth the investment.
Mel P.
From London, UK
After using Autism Health Hub my family found hope! We were feeling completely lost in the complicated diagnosis process. Autism Health Hub gave us insightful information and supportive guidance! Now we’re feeling we can help our child reach his full potential at last.
Sarah B.
From London, UK

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