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The most up-to-date information on autism for families and health professionals.

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Guidance to help families and carers before and after a diagnosis.


A helpful and supportive community of parents and carers of children with autism.

"Autism is like a fingerprint. Everyone has a version, yet each is unique." - Will Coetzer

"There is no greater feeling than being understood."
- Dr Stanley Greenspan

You are not alone

Autism Health Hub®

We know that autistic children are unique with a particular set of needs. It is a heavy emotional and physical load for a parent to help their little ones under difficult and unclear circumstances. However, you know that you would like your child to reach and fulfil their full potential - but where to start?

We can help you to help them.

Many parents have struggled to recognise that there was something not quite right with their child. Others find it difficult to express their worries to anyone.

As time passes, one can tell that somehow their child is not developing as expected and is not interacting or not reaching the appropriate milestones for their age.

Autism Health Hub® can help you break down the signs and symptoms you are observing in your child. We will provide you with information and advice to help you bring your thoughts together. We will guide you through the process, so you’ll be able to understand and accurately express these symptoms to the right professionals. 


We aim to help parents and families to live better by providing information and guidance.  


‘There’s a lot that can be done. What is an ASD diagnosis? What we need to do is to get  people integrated, not only the individual but also the family.’ -Dr Iona Bramati, PhD  

“Children are not things to be molded,
but are people to be unfolded.”

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At Autism Health Hub, we believe that correct and accurate information
is the key to helping families and children on the autism spectrum.


What does ASD mean?

‘Autism’ or ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’ (ASD) is classified as a Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), with abnormal or impaired development in reciprocal social interactions, abnormal or impaired social communication, and social imagination…


Family Guidance

We know it is very difficult for a parent to instinctively know that there is something not quite right with their child. How do I get my child assessed by the right professionals? It is very difficult to express to anyone what it is that is worrying you so much…

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Symptoms of Autism

Make sure you understand what is going on. This will help you to break down the signs and symptoms you are observing in your child and help you bring together your thoughts so you’ll be able to accurately express the symptoms to the right professionals… 


Diagnosis... What Now?

Diagnosis – where do I start? Who can help me and my child? Professionals in the field. Community Paediatrician. Therapies…


Play Time Activities

Playtime activities for your child. Autism Friendly Cinemas. Art and craft. Sound Therapy.                                


Nutrition Basics

ASD children may have feeding difficulties and/or may be very selective when choosing what to eat; raising concerns with parents… 


Our purpose

Autism Health Hub was developed and created by Dr Iona Bramati, PhD, the only professional in the world with a doctorate in the Effects of Visceral Osteopathy Technique on the behaviour and Gastrointestinal function of autistic children. The Autism Health Hub is the result of more than 20 years of work, studies and research with the aim of finding ways that may improve the quality of life and the wellbeing of children with autism, their parents and professional carers.

Dr Iona Bramati — Founder & CEO

We can help you break down the signs and symptoms you are observing in your child, so you’ll be able to understand and accurately express these symptoms to the right professionals.

Our aim is to give support to parents and children, helping the family to navigate from diagnosis to possible choices of therapeutic help. To offer a helping hand to parents who have been struggling to find the right support they need.

Provide a wide range of information in the field of Autism which will provide support and guidance to the families of those with autistic children.

We aim to help with the integration of complementary therapies and conventional medicine which, in our opinion, is paramount in helping autistic children.

Provide parents with an online platform so they can create a network of parents and professionals in a safe environment. 

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Autism Health Hub is both helpful and highly informative for me and also super easy to access. I will recommend it to my friends who are also parents of autistic children for sure. Thanks.
Roxy W.
From New York, USA
Autism Health Hub has helped me understand a lot about my child and given me great deal of hope and support. Each piece of content is short and straightforward, so it’s easy to go through. We are really grateful for it.
Corey B.
From Sydney, Australia
Autism Health Hub has really helped our family through some difficult times. It has got lots of information we didn’t even know we needed. Definitely worth the investment.
Mel P.
From London, UK
After using Autism Health Hub my family found hope! We were feeling completely lost in the complicated diagnosis process. Autism Health Hub gave us insightful information and supportive guidance! Now we’re feeling we can help our child reach his full potential at last.
Sarah B.
From London, UK

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On-demand information and guidance for families and carers of autistic children. 
We offer the most up-to-date information and a network of renowned professionals in the UK.