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Research and information to help care for children with autism.


We know it can be difficult for individuals and families touched by autism to find professional guidance as there is much inconsistent information out there.

We aim to help families and health care professionals by providing information, updates and training in the field of autism.

you are not alone

Autism Health Hub®

Autism Health Hub® is an online platform for both parents & professionals providing information, research and guidance on different aspects of autism.

We are here to give you a helping hand.

Parents of autistic children

We intend to support you with information from Pre-diagnosis, Diagnosis and Post-diagnosis. With an easily accessible online platform, we will provide you with a helping hand, enabling a network between health  professionals in the autistic field and parents of autistic children

Health professionals

We will provide you with a dedicated CPD training area to further enhance your knowledge  of autism and the therapies currently available. 

We believe that correct and accurate information is the key to achieving a successful outcome for autistic children. We can give you a helping hand by spreading knowledge and providing a connection between professionals and parents.

Our aim is to help you, parents and professionals, to help them.

Our goal

Our goal is to support parents and carers of children with autism spectrum disorder. 

At Autism Health Hub® we are mindful of the lack of understanding and awareness of the possible therapeutic modalities that are available to help support autistic children to reach their full potential. We aim to provide guidance on these possibilities whilst giving you evidence-based information.

We aim to provide the following much-needed help: 

  • To offer a helping hand to parents of autistic children that may be struggling to find the right support they need.
  • To help with the integration of complementary therapies with conventional medicine which, in our opinion, is paramount in helping autistic children.
  • To provide parents with an online platform enabling a network between health professionals in the autistic field and parents of autistic children.
  • To provide CPD training to health professionals aiming to further integrate and elevate the services offered to autistic children.

The Founder

Dr Iona Bramati, PhD

PhD BSc (Hons) Ost. Med. DO, ND

Dr Iona Bramati has been awarded a PhD in recognition of her work on the ‘Effects of Visceral Osteopathic Techniques on the behaviour and Gastrointestinal function of autistic children”.
Her PhD was awarded by the University of Westminster in collaboration with King’s College Hospital, endorsed by the National Autistic Society (NAS) supported by the British College of Osteopathy Medicine (BCOM) and sponsored via the British Naturopathic and Osteopathic Association (BNOA) grant.
Dr Bramati, PhD, was recognised at the ICAOR10 for her outstanding research on the treatment of gastrointestinal symptoms in autism using visceral osteopathy. She was honoured with the Elsevier/International Conference on the Advancement of Osteopathic Research – New Researcher Prize.
Dr Bramati sees a wide variety of patients with a particular focus on paediatrics and autistic children. She is the only professional in the world with a PhD in the effects of Visceral Osteopathic Technique applied to autistic children, and is incredibly passionate about integrating and elevating the services provided to the children, their parents and carers.

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